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Are you worried about being exposed to HIV?

This is what happens…


“I had unprotected sex with a stranger”


“I’m so worried now.  Will I be infected?”


“You need correct guidance”


“Go for tests and treatment, if needed”

Frequently Asked Questions

HIV is a deadly disease.  Every year millions of people come in contact with this misfortune, mainly by unprotected and unsafe sex or by some other way by which this virus can enter your body, like use of used syringe, blood transmission, pregnant mother to child, etc.

In our society, unfortunately, for its stigmatic nature this topic is still not discussed in open.  And, because of this there are lots and lots of misinformation that one can get about it.  People fear to seek expert opinion and thus fall prey to the myths associated with STDs, HIV and AIDS.  Find out the facts here…

More FAQs

How can HIV infection happen?
• Unprotected sex
• Mother to child through breastfeeding or child birth. It can happen during pregnancy as well
• Injecting drug usage with shared needles having infected blood
• Blood donations involving infected blood or organ transplants
• Infection from a patient to a healthcare worker
How will HIV will not happen?
• From someone who is HIV negative
• Touching HIV positive person
• If you come in contact with HIV positive person’s sweat, tears, urine
• From touching, hugging or shaking hands with HIV positive person
• Mutual masturbation, fingering and hand-jobs
• Using sex toys which are covered with a new condom each time you switch it with another person
• Mosquito bite
• Through air, when an HIV positive person coughs or sneezes or even spits in air.
• New or sterilized needles used for medical reason or tattooing
• Sharing swimming pools or bath tubs, showers or drinking water
• If an HIV positive person shares toilet seats, tables, door handles, cutlery, towels etc. with you.
• Through musical instruments
• With mild kissing, HIV never transfers. However, if you have bleeding gums, sores or cuts inside mouth and exchange of blood happens, HIV can happen.
What are the symptoms of HIV?

HIV symptoms in Men

  • acute illness
  • asymptomatic period
  • advanced infection

HIV symptoms in women

  • Vaginal yeast infections.
  • Abnormal Pap smears.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Unusual menstrual cycles.

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How do we help?

We listen to you

Our expert HIV counsellors patiently listen to your incidents to understand the gravity of the situation that you are in.

We counsel you

The counsellors try to answer all your questions so that you are more informed about the solutions available


We suggest the best solution

Our counsellors will suggest you the best solution available to help you cope up with problem in hand


Our Success Stories

In that heat of the moment, we went ahead and had sex. Unprotected. After a week, I noticed few rashes on my thighs.  Got really worried. I was sure I have got in touch with HIV!!  While doing my ‘research’ on google, I found lot many confusing answers to my problem until I came across this website and got my answers after a detailed discussion with their doctors.  I shall ever remain thankful to them for guiding me properly and clearing all my doubts.  And, well, those rashes were just rashes which went away in a couple of days. Dhirendra

Banker, New Delhi

I felt like ending my life, when I got the feeling that I might have contacted AIDS.  It was my first kiss and frankly I did not enjoy it the way he kissed me.  He actually bit my lip resulting in some blood.  I talked to my friend and they scared me with all those HIV stories.  By chance, I came across this website and got in touch with the HIV counsellors who were knowledgeable enough to clear my doubts and made me feel alright after those depressing days.  I must say I would have certainly gone into depression if I did not consult with them. Riddhima

Student, Chandigarh

I was a regular to have paid sex at those Spas and massage centers.  It was my deadliest mistake that I never had protection while having sex with those strangers.  Result was inevitable. I had contacted with STDs.  Went to so many doctors and spent lakhs of rupees in getting cured, but all in vain. Finally when I came to this place, I was already an HIV +ve.  Life came to a halt for me.  But after a counselling session with the doctor, I realised how I could mend my faults and start my life afresh.  I learnt to live with this evil and I’m alive. Daniel

Sales Executive, Faridabad

Best HIV Counsellors

Our approach is to help you overcome your anxiety if you happen to get into an act that might lead you to believe that you have been exposed to STDs, HIV or even AIDS. We DO NOT offer treatment. Rather, we do counselling to give you clarity on the subject, and then if at all required, we suggest you to undertake HIV tests.

Your search for the best HIV doctor or HIV counsellor comes to and end.  Get all your answers about STDs, HIV and AIDS and chalk out a roadmap to get well soon.