If you are a health care worker there are many situations where the risk of getting HIV is really high. There are situations when the blood of an HIV positive patient can get inside your body and infect you. It can happen during the use of needles or any sharp equipment used during the process of health care. If you take proper measurements the chances of getting HIV through a patient to a health worker are really rare.

How can I get HIV if I work in Health care sector?

The three main ways through a heath care worker can get the infection of HIV through a patient are:

  • Through injury: When a needle which has been used on an HIV patient pierces your body by accident, HIV can happen. It is known as needle-stick injury.
  • Through infected blood: In case the blood of the infected person having HIV positive status gets inside your mucous membrane including, eyes, nose or mouth, there are chances that you will get HIV infection.
  • Through the cuts in your body: If you are treating an HIV positive person and you have cut on your body and by mistake his or her blood gets in contact youre your wound, the chances of getting HIV infection to your body are there.

If you are a health care worker who works in the field of HIV, it is really important to get the proper training and guidance from our HIV counselling doctors in Gurgaon. The occupational exposure to HIV are high and it happens because of these three mentioned conditions.

If you have got any of these above mentioned conditions, you must visit our HIV counselling doctors in Noida immediately.

In case of handling HIV patients there are few things you must take care of:

  • Using mask, gown, goggles and gloves
  • Covering the wounds and cuts with plasters/bandages
  • Taking care while using sharp equipment

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