When you find out that you are HIV positive, it is common thing to have shock, anxiety and fear. There are a lot of things that come to the mind and it becomes really tough to deal with the situation. In such case, you should always try to contact our HIV counselling doctors in Delhi. They are trained and they have the complete knowledge on what to do when such cases come. They will also give you complete information and will help you in gaining the confidence and positivity.

Getting the positive results of HIV never means that you should stop living. You can deal with it, if you have patience and zeal to live life. With proper counselling and HIV treatment, you can live a longer life.

  • Give time to yourself and think: It is a tough situation and it is the time when you have to become your support and strength. Never waste your time in being sad and depressed. The sooner you start taking things in a positive way, the better it is for your life. There are many organizations throughout the world who are working for the welfare of people with HIV status. Contact them. We have the best HIV counselling doctors in India, who can help you a lot.
  • Always tell truth to your counsellor: Never hide anything from your counsellor. They are there to help you. If you hide something from them, it will be your loss. Talk to them about your sexual behaviour and if you take any drugs.
  • Start the treatment: As soon as you are diagnosed, it is better to start the treatment. Start taking your medicines and follow what the counsellors tell you. Taking treatment and tests regularly will help you live longer.
  • Be safe: Make sure to be safe in future. Use new and personal needles while doing drugs and always wear a condom to have safe sex.

Telling people about the diagnosis is not at all easy. People who are living with HIV are always worried about sharing their diagnosis with others. It is really important to tell your spouse about your condition because it is important for their life as well. After that you should tell about yourself to the close family members and friends who can understand you. People can be judgmental when it comes to things like HIV. So, make sure to be selective about discussing if you are recently diagnosed. You can also share your emotions with our HIV counselling doctors in India. They will not only understand you but will provide you proper guidance.

The negative and positive reactions towards HIV:

While disclosing your condition you must remember that everyone has his or her own mindset and they react to certain situation accordingly. There can be positive as well as negative reactions when you will tell people about yourself. Some people can be supportive while others might be angry on you. So, you have to be careful about people you decide to disclose your condition. You should trust those who can feel your emotions and provide support to you rather than make you feel miserable.

How to tell family:

It is not easy sharing the status of your condition with your family; however, it is important to tell about yourself to your family. It is a must to tell your spouse because their life is also at risk of HIV and while telling about your HIV positive status to your children, you must be very careful. They donít understand everything. So, telling them what they can understand is the wisest thing you must do. For that, you should talk to our HIV counselling doctors in India and they will guide you. There are many questions which come to childrenís mind to handle that you must know what to tell and how.