The risk of getting HIV to a child from an infected mother is really high. In our country due to lack of knowledge and counselling, the problem of getting HIV infection is getting higher. Most of the people feel shy about talking to doctors or their family and friends about their condition. Sometimes these people take the help of internet for knowledge, but unfortunately, these medical websites either provide wrong or limited knowledge related to HIV and it makes the worst decision of their life. The medical information is not easy to interpret and when common people try to interpret the websites, they get confused and do something which is really harmful to the child.

How HIV gets transmitted duringPregnancy and Childbirth?

If you are an HIV infected woman who is pregnant, there are a lot of chances that you will pass on the infection to your child. The infection can occur to the child during pregnancy, during labour and even during the delivery. Also, it can transmit to the child during breastfeeding because breast milk contains HIV cells.

How to know if I am HIV positive?

If you are expecting a child it is really important to get the HIV test done. By going through the antenatal appointments, one can get the assurance that they have HIV or not. If you are a positive case of HIV, it is essential to get the treatment. If you are found positive you will be asked to take may be able to take post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Taking PEP within 72 hours in order to prevent HIV from mother to child. Our HIV counselling doctors in India will guide you on this.

How can I save my unborn child from the risk of HIV?

With the help and support of HIV counselling doctors in Delhi, you can get the proper guidance and we will tell you on when and how you should take the treatment and from where so that the risk of getting the infection to the child is reduced.

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