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Eliminate HIV Risk within 72 Hours


What is PEP?

PEP - Post Exposure Prophylaxis is a month-long course of drugs that may prevent HIV infection. You have to start PEP within 72 hours or 3 days, after you were exposed to unsafe physical relation. The sooner you start PEP treatment, the better it is.

PEP Drugs are prescribed 1-2 times a day for atleast 28 days. The medicines used in PEP are called antiretroviral medications (ART). These medicines may help stopping HIV from spreading through your body.

Why do you need PEP TREATMENT?

PEP (post exposure prophylaxis)treatment is the only way to get prevention from HIV infection due to possible exposure to HIV.

When should PEP Medication start?

PEP Medicationshould be started within 72 hours of unsafe activity. This is the golden period to prevent yourself from becoming HIV Positive.

How much time is required for completion of the drug course of PEP?

The time required isaround 28-30 days for completing the drug course in PEP treatment.

Which are the procedures included in PEP TREATMENT?

Counseling, first aid care, testing, drug regime and regular follow-ups are the major procedures that are followed in PEP treatment.

What is the success rate of PEP TREATMENT ?

If started within 72 hours of exposure to unsafe sex, the success rate ofPEP TREATMENT can be upto 98%.

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