Injecting drugs can be a big reason of getting the HIV infection. This is because when injecting drug, users take drugs through the syringe, they dont know if the syringe is free from infection or not. This is one of the most common type of HIV infection cause. If you take the injection which is used by an HIV positive person, the chances of getting HIV is one hundred percent. This type of infection is common because the drug users are not aware of the condition of the other person who has used the same syringe. If you are an injecting drug user, it is always important to use a new syringe and our, HIV counselling doctors in Gurgaon will guide you on how to be safe while using these drugs. They will also guide you on how the infection can affect you.

How can injecting drugs be dangerous?

Injecting drugs can be really harmful as far as the risk of getting the HIV infection is concerned. This is because most of the injecting drug users take the same syringe while doing it with a group. One cannot know which person is having HIV positive status. When the common syringe is used by many people, the syringe penetrates through the skin on multiple drug users and if any one of the persons is suffering from HIV< there are hundred percent chances that you will also get the infection through blood.

How can I use drugs safely?

The only way of using injecting drugs safe from HIV is to use your personal syringe and never sharing it with anyone.

How can a counsellor help me?

Our HIV counselling doctors in Noida will guide you on how a person should not share the syringe when taking the drugs. They will also guide you on getting a new syringe while you take the drugs.

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