How does HIV turn into AIDS?

How does HIV become AIDS in the human body?

When HIV infection gets worse it turns into the disease called AIDS. 

We humans have an immune system that protects our body. This system consists of some ‘good’ white blood cells which care called T-Lymphocyte (“T-Cells”). Everyday, our T-Cells try to protect us from infections, diseases and bacteria that want to enter our body.  They continue to do so until one day our body loses a battle with one virus called HIV. And, eventually this virus turns into the dreadful disease known as AIDS. 

weak immune system cartoon For example,

  • If you are infected with HIV, the virus makes its way to the white T Cells. The HIV virus starts destroying the T-cells.
  • This virus starts reproducing itself and destroying your T-cells. Soon, your good T-cells break down and fail to battle the bad HIV cells.
  • Now that your immune system is broken, all other diseases, viruses and infections can freely attack you.
  • AIDS is now developed in the body now making you vulnerable to diseases.