HIV Transmission


There are a lot of myths which are attached with HIV and its spread from an infected person to you. If you want to get proper awareness related to HIV, you must visit our HIV counselling doctors in India, who are trained experts on the field and they will help you in getting the actual knowledge. HIV can pass on from an infected person to other person through the exchange of any fluid from body which includes, blood, semen, vaginal or anal secretions and breast milk.


The five main ways through which HIV infection can happen:

  • Unprotected sex
  • Mother to child through breastfeeding or child birth. It can happen during pregnancy as well
  • Injecting drug usage with shared needles having infected blood
  • Blood donations involving infected blood or organ transplants
  • Infection from a patient to a healthcare worker

HIV will not happen / Common Myths & Facts about HIV transmission

  • From someone who is HIV negative
  • Touching HIV positive person
  • If you come in contact with HIV positive persons sweat, tears, urine
  • From touching, hugging or shaking hands with HIV positive person
  • Mutual masturbation, fingering and hand-jobs
  • Using sex toys which are covered with a new condom each time you switch it with another person
  • Mosquito bite
  • Through air, when an HIV positive person coughs or sneezes or even spits in air.
  • New or sterilized needles used for medical reason or tattooing
  • Sharing swimming pools or bath tubs, showers or drinking water
  • If an HIV positive person shares toilet seats, tables, door handles, cutlery, towels etc. with you.
  • Through musical instruments
  • With mild kissing, HIV never transfers. However, if you have bleeding gums, sores or cuts inside mouth and exchange of blood happens, HIV can happen.

With the counselling from our HIV doctors in Delhi, you can get the proper awareness regarding the myths related to HIV.

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