You can contract HIV by coming in direct contact with body fluids of another person who has HIV. These body fluids may be injected into the body through a needle or a syringe or enter your body through certain activities such as inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Having unprotected sex or sharing injections are some High HIV risk factors . Small possibilities add up and eventually develop a high risk of contracting HIV. This means that engaging in rough sexual activities with an infected person just once might carry rather small possibility of getting HIV, but, when repeated several times, the general possibility of getting infected after frequent exposures becomes quite high.

You are at a high risk of getting HIV if you engage in the following HIV Risk Behaviours:

  • Have sex with multiple partners, particularly those who inject drugs.
  • Are a male who engages in sex with other men.
  • Share syringes, needles, or other devices used for injecting drugs.
  • Have unprotected anal, vaginal or oral sex
  • Had suffered or have lately contracted a sexually transmitted disease, for instance, genital herpes or syphilis.
  • Your partner is a high-risk person who has sex with multiple partners or is a male, who has sex with several men, or injects drugs.

Having sex with a partner who has any of the above behaviours will also put you at a greater risk for contracting other sexually transmitted diseases. If you have engaged in any of the above high risk behaviours, get yourself tested. You can consult our HIV counselling doctors in Delhi NCR who can recommend the best possible diagnostic and treatment routine.