HIV Counselling

HIV Counselling

Counselling plays an important role in helping you restore your confidence, once you have been exposed to the risks of getting STD/HIV. A qualified and competent HIV counsellor or doctor can clear all your doubts on the subject and can guide you in the correct manner as to what should you do next, whether you are at no risk or at risk.

We, at Dr Monga Medi Clinic, aim to provide right information to the patients, so that they are in the right frame of mind before deciding the further course of action post exposure to the risk of HIV. You can visit and meet our HIV Counsellors/Doctors in our Delhi or Gurgaon Clinics.


There is a vital role of a counsellor when it comes to handling HIV cases and its prevention. It is really important to have a counsellor to take care of the HIV infected person because more than anything else, the infected person needs the essential emotional support to cope up with the setback.

The chances of getting others at risk are reduced if the infected person has knowledge about how he or she can stop the spread of virus. The Counsellor can also help people in knowing more about safe sex, STIs/STDs, HIV and AIDS.

There are lot of myths related to HIV and only a Counsellor can help in busting them and give correct information. We have some of the best HIV Counsellors in Delhi NCR who help people with correct information about STDs, STIs, HIV; their causes and treatments.


Considering a situation where,

  • you have had sex without a condom or with a stranger and you think you can have HIV
  • you have shared with people while using needles when injecting drugs
  • you have risked your life to HIV due to another reason
  • you are worried about having HIV infection

Now, you are full of apprehensions and anxiety as to what if you have been exposed to HIV? Most of the times, getting in contact with the virus is not that easy. But getting in contact with the post-exposure Anxiety is very much possible and that is what happens to most of those, especially, who have unprotected sex.

Our HIV counselling doctors in Delhi/Gurgaon will guide you and explain you on how to get tested and what will happen to your result. Usually a small amount of blood will be taken from your finger or arm for test and for rapid test and after 20 minutes the result will be given. For the other tests, the same blood sample will be sent to labs and the result will come after a couple of weeks.


HIV tests? It might sound like a tough plan but this is really important to have a healthy sex life. The most important thing which comes with the thought of getting tested is, what will happen after that. So, here are few important questions that are frequently asked from our HIV counselling doctors in India.

How will I get my results?

Before the test happens, the tester will ask you on how you would like to get the result. Depending upon your preference, the result will be given. However, there are various ways to get the result which depends upon the kind of test you are taking. If it is the rapid test, the result will be given within five minutes. There are other tests which might take more than a week. If the tests come negative, the tester will call you and tell and if the test is positive, you will have to take the further tests to check again. After that you will be referred for HIV treatment.

What if my result is negative?

The negative result of HIV means that you don’t have HIV. Until you risk yourself again, the result will be negative so, make sure to use precautions and have safe sex and safe needles while injecting drugs.

What is the meaning of ‘reactive’ test result?/h3>

A reactive test result means that the possibility of having HIV is there and for further confirmation other tests will be done taking another sample of your blood. The blood samples will be sent to the extra laboratory for further testing and confirmation of HIV. Our HIV counselling doctors in Delhi will take care of the counselling during this process of testing.

Is my test result private?

The test results are kept one hundred percent private and it is between only those who are involved. You can disclose your condition whenever you are comfortable.


Look no further if you are searching for a reliable Centre HIV Counselling. Get in touch with Dr Monga Medi Clinic New Delhi / Gurgaon.