H2C Profile

H2C Profile

HERPES SIMPLEX of two types- HSV-1 and HSV-2, it causes blisters or cold sores mainly on the genitals or mouth.

CHLAMYDIA: The most common bacterial STD, Chlamydia cases have been on a steep rise recently mainly due to ignorance or delayed diagnosis. It can be detected in the blood after 1-3 weeks of infection exposure and any delay can affect longevity.

Sample Type


Test Included

  • HSV-I (Herpes Simplex Virus ) IgG
  • HSV-I (Herpes Simplex Virus ) IgM
  • HSV-II (Herpes Simplex Virus ) IgG
  • HSV-II (Herpes Simplex Virus ) IgM
  • Anti Chlamydia Antibody IgG
  • Anti Chlamydia Antibody IgM

Service Includes:

  • Complete Herpes Chlamydia Profile
  • Home Sample Pickup
  • Pre Test Support
  • Pre Test Expert Support(Available On Request)
  • Post Test Expert Consultation

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