Common frequently asked questions about HIV Aid,FAQS for HIV/AIDS


Why should you get tested?

There are many reasonfaqss you should take the test for HIV. Depending upon your sexual behavior and some other factors, if you think there is a risk of getting the HIV infection, it is always a good idea to take the test and if you are HIV positive, you should take the treatment and if you are HIV negative, you can have a stress-free life and after taking the guidance from our HIV counselling doctors in India, you can know how to be safe in future so that you have an HIV infection free life.

• The test is easy and the results come quick
• It is free of cost if done through government hospital
• It is good to know that you are free from HIV infection
• It will give you stress-free life and you can enjoy your healthy and long life free from the fear of having HIV infection

If your HIV test comes positive, you must visit our HIV counselling doctors in Delhi and they will guide you on what to do after that. If you are in the early stage of HIV the chances of your living longer and healthy are more. You can protect your immune system before the condition gets worst.

After proper care and treatment a person detected with HIV can have a longer life and with proper medications your life can be good. If you take the tests in time, and you are detected positive, you have the access for the treatment. Also you can protect your sexual partners in future.

What is the right time to get tested?

These days medical science has advanced and you can detect HIV within 11 days of infection in your body. After the first test, if you are found positive, there will be other tests and follow ups which you must do. Getting an HIV test is always good for your sexual health. Even though if you think your health is not on risk, you can talk to our HIV counselling doctors in Noida and know more about why you should get the test done. If you have put yourself on risk, you should immediately get the test done. Getting the test done will help you in having a relaxed sexual life.

If you are at risk, get the test done right away:

  • If you think you did unprotected sex with a stranger or shared a syringe for injecting drug or if some blood or organ transplant has happened to you or you think you have used an equipment which has caused you cut or bruise and you are not sure about if you have the risk or not, you should get the test done. Talk to our HIV counselling doctors in Gurgaon as soon as possible and they will give you guidance on the condition you are in and if there is any risk, go ahead for the test without wasting any time.

    These days medical science has advanced and you can detect HIV within 11 days of infection in your body. After the first test, if you are found positive, there will be other tests and follow ups which you must do. If there is a risk of infection, use condoms while you have sex and stop sharing needles for injecting drugs.

During pregnancy, get the test done:

It is really essential to get the HIV test done when you are pregnant and these days it has become an important part of the other tests during pregnancy in most of the countries. If you are positive with the test, the treatment will start right away so that the child is born free from HIV infection.

What are the various types of HIV Tests?

Blood test helps in verifying if you have HIV or not. It is detected by:

  • Antibodies, which are made by the body which helps in fighting HIV
  • Antigens, which are a protein found in HIV cell

We at Dr Monga Medi Clinic can help you take following tests that may detect your status on HIV infection:

  • Chlamydia Test
  • Gonorrhea Test
  • Hepatitis A Test
  • Hepatitis B Test
  • Hepatitis C Test
  • Oral Herpes Test
  • Genital Herpes Test
  • HIV 1 & 2 Antibody (4th Gen) Test
  • HIV RNA Test
  • Syphilis Test

It is strongly advised that you must not go for these these tests without consulting a doctor, lest you will not be able to correctly correlate the test results.  Always seek professional advice before going for STD or HIV tests.

Is HIV detected immediately in a test?

Usually, HIV cannot be detected immediately, the test will be positive after minimum one month of catching the virus.

What type of results can be expected?

You can expect three kinds of results from a HIV, viz.,

Negative : If the HIV test result is negative, it means you do not have HIV.

Reactive: A reactive test result means there is a possibility of positive result that has to be confirmed with other laboratory tests.

Positive: A positive result means you have been infected by the HIV virus.

Where to get the tests done?

There are several HIV Test centres in Delhi which can be contacted if you need any assistance.  Dr. Monga Medi Clinic is one of the leading clinics that can be contacted for HIV counselling and HIV testing in Delhi and NCR. We have qualified doctors and certified counsellors who can guide you in the best possible manner. Mostly the HIV testing is done in:

• doctors’ offices
• family planning clinics
• health clinics and hospitals
• specialist sexual health or HIV/AIDS and voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) sites
• youth drop-in centres
• drug and alcohol services
• Antenatal clinics.

There are some other places from where you can get the test done. These places are safe and they keep the test results confidential. Depending upon your location the world, these test centres are found. If you are confused and you don’t have an idea on from where you should start, you should take an appointment with our HIV Counselling doctors.

Things you must know regarding the HIV test:

• It should involve your full consent
• It should be confidential
• It should give you all the rights to speak about your status with the concerned people
• It should give you either HIV-positive or negative result
• Depending on what your result shows up, you will be forwarded to the treatment and prevention services of HIV

Is the test for HIV free of cost?

Yes, the HIV test is free of cost in government hospitals and some health care centres. However, if you take the test from some private hospital, chances are there that they will charge some fees. If you have anything to discuss related to HIV, its tests or counselling you must speak to our HIV counselling doctors in India.

What next, after the tests?

HIV is a manageable disease. When you visit a specialist, you are bried about various HIV tests that are available. This helps you understand how you can manage HIV effectively.

HIV Test Centre in Delhi/NCR

Look no further if you are searching for a reliable Centre to carry out STD or HIV tests.  Get in touch with Dr Monga Medi Clinic New Delhi / Gurgaon.

How will I get my results?

Before the test happens, the tester will ask you on how you would like to get the result. Depending upon your preference, the result will be given. However, there are various ways to get the result which depends upon the kind of test you are taking. If it is the rapid test, the result will be given within five minutes. There are other tests which might take more than a week. If the tests come negative, the tester will call you and tell and if the test is positive, you will have to take the further tests to check again. After that you will be referred for HIV treatment.

What if my result is negative?

The negative result of HIV means that you don’t have HIV. Until you risk yourself again, the result will be negative so, make sure to use precautions and have safe sex and safe needles while injecting drugs.

What is the meaning of ‘reactive’ test result?

A reactive test result means that the possibility of having HIV is there and for further confirmation other tests will be done taking another sample of your blood. The blood samples will be sent to the extra laboratory for further testing and confirmation of HIV. Our HIV counselling doctors in Delhi will take care of the counselling during this process of testing.

Is my test result private?

The test results are kept one hundred percent private and it is between only those who are involved. You can disclose your condition whenever you are comfortable.