When a mother feeds her infant with the milk produced by her breasts, it is called breastfeeding. Mothers milk is important for a childs growth and development. However, if a mother is infected with HIV, because of any reason, the risk of getting the infection from the mother to child is really high. Through the milk produced from the body of an infected mother the virus can transfer to the child and can get him or her HIV. So, a mother having HIV in her body should avoid breastfeeding.

Can I breastfeed my child?

You should avoid feeding your child with your milk if you have HIV infection. This is because, the infection rates of traveling the virus from mothers body to the child is one hundred percent. If you have such a situation, you should take counselling from a trained doctor. We have HIV counselling doctors in Faridabad who can be helpful in such cases.

What is the risk involved in breastfeeding?

As mentioned above, there is a high risk of getting the infection from infected mother to a child through breastfeeding. It is not safe to feed the child with your own milk if you want to avoid HIV infection.

How can counselling help?

By taking counselling from our HIV counselling doctors in Noida, you will get the proper knowledge on how to take care of the child if the mother has HIV infection. The counselling given by our doctors will help you a lot as we give proper knowledge and counselling to everyone who come to us for help. If you want to know more about breastfeeding, you should not feel hesitant, but talk about it openly with the people who have the knowledge like the trained doctors in the field of HIV, instead of checking the little knowledge on the internet.

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