When sex is mixed with alcohol and drugs, the result gives a really negative effect on the entire wellbeing of the health of a person. When you are under the influence of any drug or alcohol, the chances of taking wrong decisions of life are there. You might end up doing something wrong which you will never do in sober conditions. Our HIV counselling doctors in India will always guide you on why you should avoid mixing sex with alcohol and other drugs.

The result of drugs and alcohol can be dangerous on sex life. Below mentioned are the consequences you can have:

Sex gives pleasure and excitement, however of you are drunk or under the influence of any drug, it can hamper your judgment and you can make the following mistakes:

  • You can forget to use any protection like a male or female condom
  • You can forget that you had unprotected sex
  • You can indulge in sexual activities which are painful because you become less sensitive towards pain
  • You will be unaware of the thing that people can mix some drugs in your drink and rape you
  • You can end up doing sex with someone you will regret when you are sober
  • Your sexual performance will be low
  • You can take infected needles for drugs which are on high risk of HIV

For more knowledge, you should speak to our HIV counselling doctors in Delhi. They are the professionals who have all the information on what to do and how to be safe while doing sex. They will guide you on how you should control your emotions and never perform unsafe sex with strangers. They will also give you guidance on practicing safe sex with your partner by using condoms. However, if you have already risked your life to HIV, the counsellors in our team will help you in taking tests and will offer you the guidance on what you should do next.